Vaseline, the Miracle Product

Robert Chesebrough (1837-1933), a British-born chemist who invented petroleum jelly, which he named Vaseline.

When he first invented the product he found it very difficult to convince stores and chemist shops to stock it. It was only his own determination and belief in the product that brought him success. Chesebrough travelled around New York State demonstrating his product. In front of large audiences he would burn his skin with acid or an open flame and then spread the clear jelly on his injuries. He displayed his past injuries which he claimed were healed by his “miracle” product.

He was so convinced of the curative powers of his petroleum jelly product he ate a spoonful of it nearly every day.



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The success of the product has meant that consumers mistakenly call all types of petroleum jelly “Vaseline”.



  1. i think this web site is the best i love Fact man and vaseline lol more than my self !

  2. this iz wrid

  3. i really dont know why im still using petroleum jelly but everytime if i feel pain something in my body i used to it,and although there is a mark scars n getting black through my armpit,and my body ,i want some more information regarding this product ,just let me know the information to know more about my matter regarding this ,thank you n more power…

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